Your right to elect to receive documents electronically or physically

The Corporations Amendment (Meetings and Documents) Act 2022 (Amendment Act) includes a new requirement for public companies and listed companies to give shareholders notice of their right to elect to be sent documents electronically or physically by the company in section 110K of the Corporations Act.

Recent legislative changes to the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) mean there are new options for how Winsome Resources Limited (“WR1” or “the Company”) shareholders receive communications. WR1 will no longer send physical meeting documents unless a shareholder requests a copy to be mailed.

Providing your email address to receive shareholder communications electronically

WR1 encourages all shareholders to provide an email address to the Company’s share registry, Automic, so we can provide investor communications electronically when they become available online, which includes items such as meeting documents and annual reports.

By providing your email address, you will:

● Support the company by reducing the cost of mailing/postage
● Receive your investor communications faster and in a more secure way
● Help the environment through the need for less paper

How do I update my communications preferences?

Shareholders can still elect to receive some or all their communications in physical or electronic form or elect not to receive certain documents such as annual reports. To review your communications preferences, or sign up to receive your shareholder communications via email, please update your communication preferences at

If you are a shareholder and would like a physical copy of a communication, need further information about the options available to you or have questions about your holding, visit or contact our share registry:

Telephone (within Australia): 1300 288 664

Telephone (outside Australia): +61 2 9698 5414

Email: [email protected]