In addition to its impressive portfolio of lithium projects in Quebec, Winsome Resources owns 100% of the offtake rights for lithium, cesium and tantalum from Power Metals Corp (TSXV:PWM) Case Lake Project in Eastern Ontario, as well as a 19.6% equity stake in PWM.

PWM 100%-owns its flagship Case Lake Property, where it has identified high grade Lithium, Tantalum and Cesium mineralisation through four previous exploration programs, with the latest conducted mid2022 comprising 36 holes for 2,783.8m.

Mineralisation is hosted in a swarm of pegmatite dykes adjacent to the Case Lake Batholith, with six dykes the focus of exploration to date (North, Main, South, East and Northeast – on the Henry Dome, and the West Joe Dyke on a tonalite dome).

Cesium mineralisation at Case Lake occurs as pollucite and is hosted by a pegmatite dyke (the West Joe Dyke) which also contains lithium and tantalum mineralisation. There have been only three pegmatite mines globally that produced cesium: Tanco (Canada), Bitika (Zimbabwe), and Sinclair (Australia).

The presence of shallow exceptionally high-grade Cesium was confirmed at the West Joe Dyke following drilling in 2018, through the presence of pollucite in drill core, a rare occurrence in Ontario.

Drilling at West Joe in 2022 returned results of 22.22 % Cs2O and 1.46 % Li2O over 2.00m (PWM-22-143, 14.0 – 16.0m). High grade lithium and tantalum mineralisation is also present in the other pegmatite dykes at Case Lake with 2022 drilling including highlights of 1.71% Li2O and 241ppm Ta over 12.0 m from 11.0m (PWM-22- 132) from drilling at Main Dyke.

This is an exciting opportunity for Winsome to expand its interests in the Canadian critical minerals space and to enter the established mining province of Ontario, which neighbours Quebec.